Friday, July 15, 2011

Oshakati vs. Nashvegas

Things that are the same as life in Nashville

·      Craving certain foods (pizza, turkey burgers, chocolate, Chinese food, barbecue)
·      Baking to relax
·      Delaying taking the trash out as long as possible
·      Laughing at my own jokes even when no one else does
·      Making excuses
·      Students get on Facebook when they are supposed to be doing schoolwork.
·      When bored, thinking about how to model real life phenomenon in a computer program
·      Lots of walking
·      Enjoying where I am while still missing home
·      Over thinking (bordering on obsessing) about how to take the most efficient path places
·      Daydreaming
·      Falling asleep working (slash not working) on the computer
·      Acknowledging everyone you pass
·      Pretending germs don’t exist when it’s more convenient that way
·      Being paranoid about closing my curtains all the time
·      Wishing I could dance adequately
·      Movie watching
·      Never sitting at my desk to do work

Things that are different from life in Nashville

·      Looking forward to eating on campus (someone is cooking for me 24/7? Yes please!
·      Having no qualms putting my dirty feet inside my sleeping bag
·      Jaywalking because I would walk miles before finding a crosswalk
·      My vocabulary declining
·      Not seeing the midnight premier of Harry Potter because the closest movie theatre is 10 hours away, and won’t show that film for another month.
·      Running being more exhausting (it also isn’t getting any easier with the 4 week break I’ve taken…)
·      Less green grass, trees, bushes, and what what
·      Wearing professional clothes everyday
·      Being asleep at 8 pm
·      Rachel isn’t around to ask me if I mean to be asleep
·      Not fake texting when passing people I don’t want to greet
·      Men being much more direct and forward
·      The toilet flushing lever being on the right side of the toilet
·      A spider just smaller than my palm is on the wall next to my bed, and sleeping just fine.
·      Not being able to remember the last time I rode in an elevator
·      No one getting my puns (at least in Nashville they are met with a groan of acknowledgement, as opposed to here where I get a blank stare or confusion)
·      Watching the same movie again and again
·      A full greeting for each person you pass or interact with
·      Tomato sauce = ketchup

Things that are hard to get used to:

·      Cars driving on the left side of the road
·      Cars only slowing for pedestrians in crosswalks
·      1 Namibia dollar being equal to about 15 cents
·      Needing to allow a whole day at home to do laundry
·      Re-wearing clothes because I need to allow a whole day at home to do laundry
·      Eating breakfast at 6, lunch at 10, then dinner at 4:45
·      Everything starting later than scheduled
·      Experiencing winter and pretty cold weather in the mornings, but still warm temperatures in the afternoons
·      My gas stove
·      People constantly asking what I am doing here (I guess it’d be weird if this happened in Nashville)
·      Kids touching my hair when they think I won’t notice
·      Cold showers [I didn’t think this would be as hard to get used to as it is. I suppose all my cold showers in the past have been after a day on a hot roof (you can be a World Changer) or after an intense game of soccer in Florida (Spring SPOTS anyone?). The fact that it’s already cold when I shower makes it another notch harder]
·      Everything closing early in the day
·      Being alone more
·      Namlish phrases
·      Dish soap that does about nothing

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  1. Your dad and I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about your life this summer. You are certainly having a lot of new experiences, aren't you? I don't think I will sigh anymore when it is laundry day here at home. At least we don't have to do ours by hand and we have all that nice Tide and Downy to make the clothes fresh and soft. Love you!