Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dress to Impress

Everyday Mary and I walk to school to be at the staff meeting at 7:00. Yesterday was the first time we did it without making any wrong turns or having to stop and ask directions. We were unsure about a turn, then saw some children in green sweaters (the school uniform) and decided it was the best option to just follow them. They unknowingly led their directionally-challenged new teachers right to school just in time for our meeting. Not only are the uniforms useful for getting to school, but it also makes teaching them seem so much easier. I’m not sure what it is, but something about kids looking sharp in their school uniforms lining up to come into class makes me feel like, “Okay, they are just kids, I can do this!”
Clothing can really change your perception of someone. At the rugby match yesterday, our team was preparing the field and practicing throwing the ball in their uniform pants and t-shirts or collared shirts. They looked a bit rag-tag all in different things. The other team (an all white-team from a private school in the neighboring city) rolled up in their van and all piled out in their red and black uniforms. Even though my learners assured me we would definitely win the match, I couldn’t help thinking, “We are in trouble.” I watched as they practiced throwing, picking up their team mates and kicking. All hope was lost. Then our team came out. They had transformed from a mismatched team in school clothes to a unified team in matching green, numbered jerseys, white shorts, green socks, and white shoes. “We’ve got this,” I thought to myself. “It’s in the bag. We’re back!” Of course we did win, and by several scores, but it still makes me chuckle just thinking about how much appearances seem to sway me.

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  1. When I was teaching in Uganda, the students wore uniforms, but changed into their casual clothes in the afternoon for playing (it was a boarding school and we also stayed on the school grounds). They only had one or two outfits, so people were identified by their clothes because they always wore the same thing. When I got home and looked at the entire drawer of t-shirts I owned, it made me cry. We don't even realize how much we have! Love you and miss you :)