Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sounds of Home

Living in the Oshakati volunteer housing allows me to hear all sorts of life happening around me. I heard 2 cats battling under a pile of brush in front of our house. I hear dogs howling at night. I hear miscellaneous birds every night and morning. Some of them sound like machines or alarms, so at first I was a bit thrown off. I hear roosters crowing in the morning. At night I hear the pounding bass of the occasional car passing by. In the morning I hear the pick-up trucks and vans rambling by. During the afternoon I hear walkers talking as they head home from work. Today I heard children playing a game of tag, and some screams accompanying the game. Living as an outsider in this new culture makes it a lot easier to notice things, and makes me wonder what I miss hearing when I am home because I am so used to it I don’t listen anymore.

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