Friday, June 10, 2011

Ongiini from Oshakati

If you read nothing else:
Praises: I have made it safely to my placement city, and I’m finding everyone here very helpful and friendly. The teacher whose classes we are taking over is taking me to church Sunday.
Requests: Pray that the fruit of the spirit will show through me in the classroom, around town, and in my attitude. Also that God will continue to protect me and keep me safe and healthy. Also that church on Sunday will be in English.
I am living next door to Mary, the other Oshakati volunteer, and we have been walking to school and the store together. So far I have only met four other people living in this house- the wall spiders that I am not willing to attempt to evict. Otherwise it is just little old me in this large 2-bedroom flat (complete with security system and multiple lock door). I believe a little kitty may help me evict my little friends, and a doggy may help add even more security (even if it’s just emotional security).
Last week during orientation we continued to learn about Namibia, talked about teaching here, and went over safety again and again. After orientation I feel really prepared safety-wise, and know that I have help just a phone call away with the field directors, should any problems arise. We also visited a few different places in Windhoek. We saw an area filled with homes built from metal scrap. The 26 of us with WorldTeach walked around and met some wonderful people. There were dogs and chickens roaming around, beautiful children walking down the streets, and adults washing clothes, visiting with neighbors, and eyeing this mostly white and college-aged group canvasing the area. In the same city we saw gated and secured neighborhoods, as well as 2 huge mansions where the Prime Minister and President lives. We’ve talked a lot about the financial issues facing Namibia, and educating the students about technology hopefully will provide this upcoming generation in Namibia with new opportunities in this global economy that is so largely technology-based.
We rode with Lucas, a Ministry of Education official, from Windhoek to Oshakati (about a 9-hour drive- Lucas was a champ!), then Mary and I were taken to our new housing, given a tour, introduced to some colleagues, and driven by the school so we could find it the next day. Well, we still had a little trouble finding our way around today, despite the tour, but we never got completely lost. Our home is a bit plain, so I keep not noticing we are here! Some exciting things from the day:
-1st night in the new city- fell asleep to Monsters Inc. at 7:30
-1st learners we met- Grade 10 (Tech)- The 47 learners waited outside the door in a girls line and boys line to come into class, then waited to sit down until the teacher said they could. They also all looked very sharp in their green and white uniforms.
-1st class taught- Grade 8- 40+ learners and 20 computers that are very slow and often freeze- improvised a lesson about different vocabulary words in Microsoft Office Word.
-1st taxi ride- after we unloaded all our groceries, the driver asked us to push his car down the hill to help get it started.
-1st meal in Oshakati that isn’t pb&j- bowl of Rice Krispies for dinner tonight (don’t worry, Granny,- the stove is on the way, and I did get lots of fruits & veggies).

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  1. It is so interesting to read your blogs - thanks for posting when you can. Sounds like you have a lot of new experiences. Can't wait to hear more!