Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's up from Windhoek

Hallelujah- I made it to Namibia! I am at the hostel our group is staying at for the week during orientation. It's been a long past 50+ hours- traveling to New York, Dubai, Johannesburg, and now Windhoek. I got a little sick in the Dubai airport, but doing much better now that we are done flying. Might have been the meds, might've been the flying, and definitely glad it's over!

There are about 16 of us here for the summer, and we are all sitting around on our computers getting back in touch with home.

As I begin this adventure, my willingness to trust are definitely being put to the test. I have to trust the WorldTeach has prepared me adequately to come here and will prepare me for my teaching placement. Most of all I have to trust that God has a plan through all this and that he will use me for his glory while I am here, that he will protect me and guide me on this adventure. I have already seen Him at work on this trip, and can't wait to see what's in store!

Please pray for the other volunteers I'm with, that I can be a light to them. In addition, that God will open my heart, mind, and eyes to see Him at work, create a desire to join Him there, and for me to trust in His plan. Pray for the students and teachers I'll be with, that their hearts would be open to me showing them Christ's love. Praise God for bringing me here safely and for his continued provision.

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  1. Wow girlie! I am so proud of you! So glad to hear that you are finally on the ground! I hope that you are able to sleep well there after your LONG trip. Love you!